General Notifications

Completed: Elavon Status Site Updates Coming Soon


On Saturday June 25, between 8:00 to 11:00 PM ET, the Elavon Status Site ( will be updated with the following enhancements. The Status Site will still be available during this timeframe, and no impact is expected. The final layout for any enhancement is subject to change.

Core Processing Solutions

“Talech” and “Secure File Transfer” will be added as new components under Core Processing Solutions.

“NetTrans” will be consolidated into a single component and moved under Core Processing Solutions.


The viaConex naming conventions will be consolidated into two component listings: Prodgate 1 and Prodgate2.


A new section will be added for Healthcare Solutions: MedEpay and Payment Navigator.

Subscription Changes

“Microsoft Teams” will be added as a new notification option under Subscription Method. Subscribers will not be automatically enrolled in this new method. If you would like to receive notifications through this method, you will need to click on the “Subscribe” button located on the top right of the site to change your subscription or sign up as a first-time subscriber.

If you no longer want to receive these notifications, please click the “Manage your subscription” option on your email or visit to update your notification preferences.

By providing us with an email address you are expressly consenting to receiving email communications. User provided email address will only be used to communicate information regarding your chosen components/products. Confidential, personal, or financial information will never be sent or requested in an email from Elavon